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Re: openoffice.org-2.0.RC1 not making menu entries in KDE

Is there a fix (without making each entry manually)?

Yes, there is a fix. The required .desktop files *do* exist, but they are not copied to your home directory. For openoffice.org-2.0-devel, the files are located in:


For openoffice.org-2.0, the path will be similar - you just need to substitute the correct version number for "1.9m130". You can simply copy this directory to your home:

cp -R /usr/local/openoffice.org1.9m130/share/xdg ~/.kde/share/applnk

For 2.0 RC1, this might be all you have to do. At least for the devel version, though, there is one more step involved. The names of the executables referenced in the .desktop files are not quite correct - you need to append the build number. So, for example, in base.desktop, you need to replace "Exec=openoffice.org-1.9 -base %U" with "Exec=openoffice.org-1.9m130 -base %U". The same pattern applies to all .desktop files except for printeradmin.desktop. Here, the file name is totally borked. It should be "Exec=openoffice.org-1.9m130-spadmin".

I am not sure whether all this is just a sign of 2.0 being not quite done yet or of a bug in the FreeBSD port. Maybe some more knowledgeable can provide some insight.

- Bartosz
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