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FreeBSD Kernel Source

On 2005-03-09 11:37, John Que <qwejohn_(_at_)_hotmail_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a totally newbie to FreeBSD.
> I want to download FreeBSD Kernel Source (I do not want to install the
> OS itself, just look at the sources on a different (Linux) platform).
> Is it possible ?


> From where can I download it ?

You can browse the source online at:


You can download a snapshot of the source from one of the FTP mirrors.

For example, if you download all the ssys.?? files from

you can join the files and view their contents as a normal tarball:

  % cat ssys.?? | tar tvf -

Alternatively, if you want to keep an up to date copy of the source, you
may find it easier to use CVSup.  There are Linux binaries of CVSup at:


The process of obtaining the full source tree for FreeBSD would then be:

  - Download a binary of CVSup that works for you.

  - Copy a supfile from the FreeBSD samples.

    The source of these example supfiles can be found at:

  - Edit your supfile, as necessary.

  - Run cvsup.

This should download an up to date version of the source parts you
configure your supfile with.