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OS and Hardware

There is a Linux version on CD that runs from CD using the CD as the OS 
drive instead of "C:" or other hard drive.  This seems like the answer to a 
multitude of questions and well as presenting a few of its own.

This basically stops outside access to the OS from hackers, viruses, 
spyware etc.  Would it make sense to develop a FBSD OS - or any OS for that 
matter - on something like a flash card that cannot be altered from within 
the system directly?  The CD approach does the same thing, but would slow 
the system down if the CD had to be accessed often.  If the OS was copied 
from the CD to RAM, that would solve the speed problem and maintain the 
base OS security.

This might be an old concept, but it's new to me.

Doug C.
Houston, Tex.

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