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New and Fearful

I'm replying to Chris's message, but this one really goes out to all of you who have responded.

First of all, thanks. :)  You seem like a friendly bunch, and if you represent the FreeBSD community as a whole, then I think I'm going to like it here.  This isn't the main reason why I switched to FreeBSD, of course, but every little thing adds up and this is definitely a good thing.

As for what I've done, first, I've taken Shannon's advice and registered on freebsdforums.org (although now it seems to be bsdforums.org) under the name Meta_Ridley.  Second, as for my problem, I'm having two problems solving it, neither of which I expect help on in this list, of course.  Third, I've been in the freebsd_users community on LiveJournal for quite sometime under the name superpico, although I haven't been satisfied with the answers I've gotten there and I've usually been able to solve the problems I've asked about in thet community.

Even with all this, though, I'm still glad there's someplace where we newbies can gather and talk.  I like the idea of being able to help each other out, both morally and technically.

- Dave

On Wed, 23 Jun 2004 03:29:57 +0000
Krzysztof Sroka <krsr_(_at_)_wp_(_dot_)_pl> wrote:

> On Tuesday 22 of June 2004 23:03, Randy Pratt wrote:
> > I really don't think anyone will chew you out.  That's just
> > unacceptable behaviour for a FreeBSD mailing list.  It very rarely
> > happens.  Most folks are willing to help in polite manner and
> > I don't think you have anything to fear there.  I've seen them
> > called the friendliest, most helpful community that people have
> > encountered.
> I've got to admit that. When I was beginning my adventure with FreeBSD I 
> already knew that most popular acronyms among Linux users were 'RTFM' and 
> 'STFW'. And after joining this mailing list and subscribing to some *bsd 
> usenet groups I was really stunned that people didn't treat newbies the same 
> way! Even if a new user is pointed to a section in a handbook it is done with 
> an explanation, without some sort of rudeness that you can meet when you ask 
> the same thing on Linux groups. This really helps to understand how to use 
> BSD systems, how to deal with encountered problems and so on.
> Chris
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