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Technical questions and Newbie experience.

Hey that's a great idea.. I'm seeing port 2.0.... with your advancements
That must be how open source works. kick out one idea and someone will come
back with at least a few other good ones and the software can advance like

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From: "Olivier Gautherot" <ogautherot_(_at_)_freesurf_(_dot_)_fr>
To: "Chauncey Smith" <csmith_(_at_)_icdc_(_dot_)_com>
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Sent: Friday, May 28, 2004 1:28 PM
Subject: Re: Technical questions and Newbie experience.

> Hi Chauncey!
> About your port command:
> > !/bin/csh
> > sudo make && make install && make clean && rehash
> I think you should try:
> sudo (make && make install ; make clean; rehash)
> or packages that fail in the middle will unnecessarily take up space for
> their objects.
> By the way, a simple "make install" should do the same as
> "make && make install" (the port will be compiled anyway before it is
> installed).
> My cent worth... :-)
> Olivier

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