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bzflag under FreeBSD release 5.2.1 - can't open display - missing GLX extens

On April 28, 2004,
           Dominic Caffey <dcaffey_fl_(_at_)_yahoo_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
>Dear FreeBSD Newbies,
>    I installed the game "bzflag" from the
>packages collection under games.  The install
>went fine but when I try to run "bzflag" it
>complains that it can't open display 0:0 and
>complains that it's missing GLX extension.  When
>I installed "bzflag" shouldn't the dependencies
>have been automagically resolved?  I've got
>Xwindows running without problems and am using
>the VESA driver.  I'm using the i386 release of
>ver 5.2.1.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Follow-up posted to -questions. Please use that
thread for any other replies.

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