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Re: SOLVED (was Re: Problem clarification (was: Problems with vlan + carp + alias))

Peter Jeremy wrote:
On 2008-Jun-26 22:06:11 +0200, Giulio Ferro <auryn_(_at_)_zirakzigil_(_dot_)_org> wrote:
I guess what I could do was to "poison" their arp cache for each
address with a "is-at" message. Is there a way to force the sending
of these messages for all the addresses of an interface?

The kernel should send out gratuitous ARP requests whenever you assign
an address to an interface.  You could confirm that this is happening
by tcpdumping the interface whilst you add aliases.

Rummaging around in ports, you might find net/arping or net/p5-Net-ARP
useful if you want to manually generate gratuitous ARP requests.

ping -S src_addr should do the trick too, however, that obviously doesn't scale very well, so it's probably only best to test with..


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