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Re: FreeBSD 7.0: sockets stuck in CLOSED state...

Ali Niknam wrote:
Hi Robert,


I will double check this once more, but honestly, i strongly doubt it...

Also one other thing that I've noticed, is that it's always the input buffer that has bytes left; never the output buffer...

Moreover, i've seen that close() reports EBADF, but due to the insane amount of connections I can not say for certain that that's when the connection goes into CLOSED state. The ip's do match, but it's very common for the same ip's to make numerous connections too.

To get a bit more detail about the state of the tcb and socket buffers at the time the connection is shut down, you can use my SIFTR tool, available from:


The readme should explain how to use it. Please keep the "ppl" sysctl at 1. Once you have some data collected for tcbs you know end up in the unexpected CLOSED state, have a look at the relevant fields in the SIFTR log file and let us know what you find. Might be useful if you send the log file through as well for me to have a quick look.

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