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Re: Problems with vlan + carp + alias

Primeroz lists wrote:
What is tcpdump showing for ping on <> ? can you see echo reply exiting vlan10 interface ?

what if you try from your server to "ping -S <> <>" ?

First of all I'm sorry for the late reply. Yesterday I could do some more
in-depth test to analyze this strange behavior of my firewall.

The range I used in the previous example isn't the real
one, I just used it for simplicity´s sake.
The true range, the one which has been assigned by the ISP to my customer
is: x.y.z.128/27. (x.y.z corresponds to a true public IP address)

I've deactivated the firewall, so we have one less thing to worry about:
/etc/rc.d/pf stop
This is a pure network configuration issue.

Here is the relevant part in /etc/rc.conf:
ifconfig_bce0="inet netmask"
cloned_interfaces="vlan5 vlan25 vlan30 vlan40 vlan128 carp5 carp25 carp30 carp40 carp128"
ifconfig_vlan128="inet x.y.z.157 netmask vlan 128 vlandev bce0"
ifconfig_carp128="vhid 128 pass qweq x.y.z.132 netmask"
ifconfig_carp128_alias0="x.y.z.133 netmask"
ifconfig_carp128_alias1="x.y.z.134 netmask"
ifconfig_carp128_alias2="x.y.z.135 netmask"
ifconfig_carp128_alias3="x.y.z.136 netmask"
ifconfig_carp128_alias4="x.y.z.137 netmask"
ifconfig_carp128_alias5="x.y.z.138 netmask"
ifconfig_carp128_alias6="x.y.z.139 netmask"
ifconfig_carp128_alias7="x.y.z.140 netmask"
ifconfig_carp128_alias8="x.y.z.141 netmask"

On my managed switch I've set 2 ports:
1) the one where the bce0 interface is plugged in : mode trunk with all the vlans above
2) the one where the ISP internet is plugged in : mode access with vlan 128

I've also set the ip interface of my switch to x.y.z.155 vlan 128

Here is the relevant part of netstat -rn on my machine
default            x.y.z.129    UGS         0    13966 vlan12
x.y.z/27 link#11            UC          0        0 vlan12
x.y.z.132    x.y.z.132    UH          0        0 carp12
x.y.z.133    x.y.z.133    UH          0        0 carp12
x.y.z.134    x.y.z.134    UH          0        0 carp12
x.y.z.135    x.y.z135    UH          0        0 carp12
x.y.z.136    x.y.z.136    UH          0        0 carp12
x.y.z.137    x.y.z.137    UH          0        0 carp12
x.y.z.138    x.y.z.138    UH          0        0 carp12
x.y.z.139    x.y.z.139    UH          0        0 carp12
x.y.z.140    x.y.z.140    UH          0        0 carp12
x.y.z.141    x.y.z.141    UH          0        0 carp12
x.y.z.155    00:1e:c9:90:4a:c0  UHLW        1        8 vlan12   1183


Here come the tests.
1) From the firewall : basic
I can ping both the default gateway (x.y.z.129) and the switch interface (x.y.z.155)
I can ping a generic internet address (a.b.c.d)
With tcpdump I can see the packets leaving as x.y.z.157 and coming with the same

2) from the switch : basic
I can ping the firewall's vlan address (x.y.z.157)
I can ping _ALL_ the carp interfaces, base and alias:
   ping x.y.z.157 -> OK
   ping x.y.z.132 -> OK
   ping x.y.z.133 -> OK
   ping x.y.z.141 -> OK

3) from the internet : basic
From an external internet address I can ping the vlan address:
   ping x.y.z.157 -> OK

4) from the firewall : advanced
From the firewall I can ping the switch address from one of the carp
base and aliased address:
   ping -S x.y.z.132 x.y.z.155 -> OK
   ping -S x.y.z.133 x.y.z.155 -> OK

I _cannot_ ping the default router from one of the carp addresses:
   ping -S x.y.z.132 x.y.z.129 -> NOT OK
   ping -S x.y.z.133 x.y.z.129 -> NOT OK
By using tcpdump on the vlan128 interface I can see the packets
_BOTH_ leaving and coming from the carp addresses. It just seems
that the carp interfaces can't process the packets properly.

5) from the internet : advanced
From an external internet address I _cannot_ ping the carp addresses
(x.y.z.132 and up)
As above, I can see the incoming packets with
tcpdump -i vlan128 -n icmp

Ok, that was long. I hope someone can help to shed light into this, to see
whether this is a bug or not.
I stress again that the _same_ configuration works as it should on a physical
(non-vlan) interface.

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