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Re: tcpdump/snort to capture chat sessions

Bill Moran wrote:
In response to R J <rjohanne_(_at_)_wnk_(_dot_)_hamline_(_dot_)_edu>:

I am trying to use tcpdump (or snort, but they are both behaving the same in this case) to capture all the lines or contents of an msn chat session, the actual conversation. I am getting partial output; i.e, I'll only get half of a sentence, and I don't see the rest of the lines. And ofcourse, alot of it seems to be hex or obfuscated html?

What switches do I need to capture the entire lines of text?

Don't know about snort, but with tcpdump use -s0

This is a good start however you are not guaranteed to see the whole chat message in a single TCP packet. If you are looking for something more advanced you will have to write a program around pcap/bpf or similar to read the TCP stream.

Tom J
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