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Re: [Regarding FreeBSD and RFC Compliance]

Archimedes S. Gaviola wrote:
Bruce M. Simpson wrote:
Archimedes S. Gaviola wrote:
To Whom It May Concerned:

Good day! Is there any document or web site that lists all the standard Request for Comments (RFCs) for all the networking protocols currently implemented on FreeBSD? This will help users identify what specific sections of a standard a certain network protocol is being implemented especially interoperability with other platforms.

No, want to compile one and contribute it to the project? We'd be very grateful for the help.


Ah okay, so this is still a window of opportunity for now but unfortunately I'm currently pre-occupied with my time. I might contribute on this someday.

By the way, I want to share the IPv6 conformance test results from TAHI project (www.tahi.org) because they are working on IPv6 conformance tools. On their web site, a FreeBSD-6.1 were tested for IPv6 core protocols conformance both router mode http://www.tahi.org/logo/phase2-core/result/Self_Test_4-0-1/freebsd61.router/ and host mode http://www.tahi.org/logo/phase2-core/result/Self_Test_4-0-1/freebsd61.host/.
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