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FreeVRRPd project status

On Apr 4, 2005, at 5:05 PM, Eivind Hestnes wrote:
> If you are looking for a Open Source failover solution, CARP is 
> probably
> the best choice as it stands today.
> If you need assistance with the configuration, please reply to the 
> list,
> and I will try to respond.

While it requires a serious paradigm shift, Wackamole 
(http://www.backhand.org/wackamole/) provides N:M IP redundancy on *BSD 
+ linux/windows/solaris.

Down sides: not quite as transparent, no MAC stealing, but uses grat. 
ARPing to announce failures.  Upsides: you have have more than two  
machines (N) and you can offer services over more than one IP (M).  We 
run it on some static image server clusters as well as some relatively 
high throughput FreeBSD 4-stable routers running normal IP forwarding, 
natd and endpointing many IPSEC VPN tunnels.

It's a pretty different solution than CARP.  More useful in some 
places, less appropriate in others.

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