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Cascading qmail servers

On Wednesday 28 May 2003 01:29 am, Ivailo Tanusheff wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some problem I can't deal with and maybe because of my not so
> good English language skills I can't find in the mail archive.
> I have following configuration: a WAN network, with single internet
> access point, protected by firewall and a mail server. I also have
> several remote offices connected trough a 64K links, every one with
> it's virtual mail sub-domain in form xxx.whatever.com.
>                          _office1.whatever.com
> <Internet>|{Mail server}<-office2.whatever.com
>                          -officen.whatever.com
> Because of the bandwidth of the mail traffic I'll need to install some
> local mail servers in each office. My question is: how to configure the
> main server and local servers in offices, so each mail send to
> xxx.whatever.com, after receiving by mail.whatever.com to be forwarded
> to the proper mail server. Keep in mind, that there are too many
> accounts to make aliases for each. Also I'll need my users to send
> e-mails trough their local mail servers in the organization and to
> internet. And also I want to keep part of the e-mail accounts on the
> main server for the whatever.com domain itself.

Why qmail?


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