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Hi Matt,

I've never tried FreeBSD v5, but still using v4-STABLE and from 
December'02, gre support embedded in Stable series. There should be no 
difference in 5 series.

First of all, you have to compile kernel with "options GRE", so that you 
can create gre tunnels. Then, you should create a gre interface, and a 
tunnel with BSD box to Cisco in a tricky way. Sample script is as follows :

ifconfig gre0 create
ifconfig gre0 x.y.z.1 netmask link1
tunnel x.y.z.1 x.y.z.2 up

Here x.y.z.1 is the address of FreeBSD box with squid running, x.y.z.2 
is address of Cisco router. Since there are some problems of gre driver 
when source and destination tunnel addresses are on the same ethernet 
segment, a fake address is used for other side of tunnel on FreeBSD 
( This fake address'll be never used, because when using 
WCCP, the tunnel is unidirectional as packets are only transmitted from 
Cisco router to FreeBSD.


Gokhan ERYOL

Matt Green wrote:

>Hi Gokhan,
>I've searched through the mailing lists & it appears
>you're the only one whose got it working!!!
>My situation is simply -
>- Cisco router IOS ver 12.1(15)T1
>- FreeBSD v5 Stable
>- Squid 2.5 Stable 2
>Cisco configured with wccp version 1.
>FreeBSD has no patches at all - from what I've found
>GRE is built-in to this release. Squid complies & runs
>without errors.
>What do I have to do on the FreeBSD box to make this
>work? From the Cisco I can see the I-SEE-YOU and
>HERE-I-AM packets but it doesn't see it as an Webcache
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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