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Userland PPP/PPTP tunneling problem

On Sunday 20 April 2003 21:27, Brett Glass wrote:
> At 10:18 PM 4/20/2003, Wes Peters wrote:
> >Since by definition your PPTP client is on the same network as the
> >JetDirect, the PPTP server at the other end had better forward the
> >broadcast (and multicast) packets through the tunnel, right?
> I'd hope so! But since Microsoft gets the subnet mask wrong, it
> also gets the broadcast address wrong. I'm changing their
> LAN to a /24 so that their reality conforms to Microsoft's
> imagination.

That *should* work.  As you note, TCP/IP networking with Microsoft is a 
crapshoot; they seem to be unencumbered by understanding how things are 
supposed to work.


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