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Re: Massive sound changes / fix (24/32bit pcm support, new sampling rate converter, various fixes)

On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 06:13:47AM +0800, Ariff Abdullah wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Jul 2005 22:44:04 +0200
> Sascha Klauder <sklauder_(_at_)_trimind_(_dot_)_de> wrote:
> > Something's not right here.  I had some minor issues with
> > crackling noise on PCM playback with pcm1 (it's an AWE64),
> > which seems to be gone now, but the playback is just a bit
> > too slow, which sounds pretty strange.  Playback on pcm0
> > (old SB Live!) is just fine, as it was before applying the
> > patch.
> AWE64 is actually not capable of driving sampling rate at 48k (which
> is the current default value for vchan). Fortunately you can tune
> default sampling rate using kernel hint by adding this to your
> /boot/device.hints:
>                 hint.pcm.1.vchanrate="44100"

 Works fine, thanks! 

> rate on the fly, something like sysctl hw.snd.pcm0.vchanrate=xxx. Stay
> tuned. If you insist, you may try my latest (revision 8) patch from:
>   http://staff.mybsd.org.my/skywizard/FreeBSD/sound/incoming/

 Sounds nice, will try that later! 

> I do have general solution to entirely eliminate noise / crackling
> issues (which plagued most SBLive!), which is part of my TODO list.

 I have no problems whatsoever with noise on the Live!, but
had some slightly crackling noise on the AWE card ever since
I switched from 4.10 to 5.4, which is gone now with your patch.
Thank you! :) 

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