• ogle on freebsd 5.3, Chris Conn
  • MIDI for 5.4?, Michael W. Oliver
  •, David Moler
  • amd64 / bktr, Arne Wörner
  • Pinnacle RAVE TV tuning problem, markzero
  • uaudio patch, configurable buffer size, Mathew Kanner
  • SiS7012 AC'97, Webmaster
  • Mark of the Unicorn - Firewire, Jason Sidabras
  • TV Tuner and FXTV(?), gabriel
  • via8237 SPDIF output, jasonh_(_at_)_cc_(_dot_)_gatech_(_dot_)_edu
  • cxm driver: does it work with PVR 150, PVR 500?, Torfinn Ingolfsen
  • Which USB-Soundcards work?, Kazuhito HONDA
  • uaudio patch, capabilities, Mathew Kanner
  • Failed to compile Handbrake 0.6.2_2, Elifarley Callado Coelho Cruz
  • Joy, Kevin Downey
  • adding a directory to a CD-image (.iso), Mikhail Teterin
  • Pinnacle PCTV SAT XE, Tuner not recognized, Volker Bradatsch
  • saa7134 tv tuner, Юрий
  • AD1888 AC97 codec, David Cross
  • Is SoundBlaster Audigy 2 value chip=0x00081102 yet?, Michael C. Shultz
  • Patch pvr250 (switch between prfiles) SEE ATTACH, Lluis López
  • 5.2.1+5.3 sound worsening: now no devices at all!, Peter Much
  • ASUS S1-P111 update, David E. Cross
  • How to debug the sound driver?, Peter Much

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