• Transferring the root filesystem to a ramdisk?, Cordula's Web
  • freevo port, Lars Eggert
  • sound card blocking, Alex Wilkinson
  • fm801 based sound card and FreeBSD5.2, Ruslan N. Gogunsci
  • Driver for Hauppauge WinTV card with CX2388x chip (NOT BT8x8)?, Torfinn Ingolfsen
  • Pinnacle WinTV card - warning about unknown vendor and model?, Torfinn Ingolfsen
  • Xine Engine Error, lnugroho_(_at_)_indosat_(_dot_)_net_(_dot_)_id
  • bktr device detection, Michael Nottebrock
  • [PATCH] es137x s/pdif output, Jon Noack
  • Intel 852/855 GM working with DRI on FreeBSD?, Trujillo,Jesus,SPRINGVILLE,Engineering
  • hauppauge remote control outside fxtv, crnholio
  • Hauppauge WinTV bktr-- no audio., Martin Dieringer
  • onboard sound does not work, moak_(_at_)_bredband_(_dot_)_net
  • xawtv port - scantv, Torfinn Ingolfsen
  • Pinnacle WinTV card and serial remote control?, Torfinn Ingolfsen
  • MIDI keyboard Evolution MK-361C and FreeBSD, Yuri Grebenkin
  • K3b will not produce DAO copy on FreeBSD, Alex Walker
  • Creative SB Audigy, Jamie Bowden
  • Hauppauge WinTV PVR 250 for FreeBSD 5.2, Christoph Schnauß
  • Intel 845 and TV-out: how to switch to PAL mode?, Torfinn Ingolfsen
  • hardware video capture, Antoine Jacoutot
  • [PATCH] fix snd_ich support for Asus M2400N, Autrijus Tang
  • Brooktree card, Vincent Bruijnes [NLISP]
  • S/PDIF support, Michael Reifenberger
  • stop, dave.tidswell
  • FreeBSD 4.9 / 5.2 Hauppauge PVR-250 / 350 Driver Patch (Jan 31, 2004), Scott Long
  • VIA KT400A and AGP/DRI?, Stefan Walter
  • a few questions..., Vulpes Velox

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