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two soundcards - one works [solved]

> On Jan 31, Bjorn Eikeland wrote:
>> I'm fairly new to FreeBSD, and I'm trying to set it up to replace 
>> windows,
>> only bits left is sound, video and tv-out.
>> I've got two soundcards, one onboard AC'97 (on a asus A7V8X w/KT400) 
>> and a
>> pci soundblaster 128 card. I've been using the pci card sending sound to
>> the living room, (music & movies) and the onboard for everything else.
>> At first sound didnt work at all, but reading the handbook got one card
>> working, and I've looked through the mailing list archives and google -
>> couldnt fint anything on how to get the other working. (I havent tried 
>> the
>> options PNPBIOS yet, as I want to keep the generic kernel till I'm done
>> setting evrything up, and besides dmesg show the pci device so its a
>> driver issue isnt it?)
>> Below you can find various outputs form dmesg, kldstat and /dev. If 
>> anyone
>> needs more details to help please ask.
> 	Hello Bjorn,
> 	I have to keep this short as I'm on a slow link.  Please tell
> us what version of FreeBSD you are using and forward the output of
> pciconf -v.
> 	--Mat

Sorry, using 5.2 Release.

Well, it seems that was all needed, pciconf -lv
showed the onboard card to be a VT8233/33A AC97 Enhanced Audio Controller,
and after kldload snd_via8233.ko it's suddenly pcm1! Even plays mp3's
through mpg123 -a /dev/pcm1.0 :)

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know why kldload snd_driver.ko only
loaded the one driver?

Thanks a lot!

(And sorry for the cross postings before list!)