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Please test: mplayer 1.0pre3

On Mon, 26 Jan 2004 01:19:54 +0100
"Thomas E. Zander" <riggs_(_at_)_rrr_(_dot_)_de> wrote:

> Hi,
> On Mon, 26. Jan 2004, at  2:10 +0200, Ion-Mihai Tetcu wrote
> according to [Re: Please test: mplayer 1.0pre3]:
> > But what happened to the right click menu ?
> That's only in the gtk2 version, isn't it?
> I haven't investigated all of this gtk2-patch code. The menu is bound
> to the middle mouse button, if somebody "quickly" found and fixed this
> issue, it'd really be helpful.

Heh, now in my old gmplayer I have both right-click and middle-click a
menu; on right-click the old-looking and on middle-click the new-looking
(gtk2 I think) menu; the old one it's more complete.

The bad news is that the 'pre' it seems to signal 11 in module:
decode_video when trying to skip with the wheel; this doesn't happen
with the old one; but it could be my strange setup; I'll try to
investigate tomorrow.

Unregistered ;) FreeBSD user