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Hauppauge PVR-[23]50 driver

Gave this driver a spin back in Dec (with my shiny new pvr-350),
it didn't work due to an unkown tuner type. So I thought to my
self, "Self, lets give linux and mythtv a go... is supposed to
work relatively easily"... ya  right! It got to the point where
I was wondering around the house muttering "Nasty, nasty linuxes.
Hates them we do, hmmm, precious?" :-) So, I'm back to the freebsd
driver. A quick hack job to make it recognise the tuner (wild ass
guess as to the type) and it bombs on unknown audio decoder (BTW,
both of these errors cause a panic... not nice). So I fix that,
well, actually I removed the check "honest, you know what it is".
And, low and behold, I'm capturing video... and sound.... and it
plays in mplayer.... looking good... but (you knew there had to
be one) the driver hangs after a while, a while being => 30 minutes.
Which, by the way, is better then linux ever did. The best I got
out of linux was 15 minutes. If I noticed the hang and interupted
the capture, I would get

cxm0: missing encoder EOS
encoder dma already in progress

if I left it running I would get

cxm0: timeout

The linux ivtv driver has problems with some Hauppauge cards
and dma and it looks like the FreeBSD driver has inherited

At this point, I'm open to suggestions. I'm debating between
starting to debug the driver or porting it to CURRENT. I would
rather have this driver working on CURRENT, since I have made
my desktop (where I have the card) boot CURRENT by default but
I'm not sure how much interest other FreeBSDers have in this...

I personally would love to see something like MythTV running on
FreeBSD, but I'm not able to carry it on my own. I guess I'm asking
the same thing John did when he posted his driver... are there
others who want to help out or am I on my own?