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kitsune wrote:

>On Tue, 13 Jan 2004 16:20:37 +0100
>Stefan Walter <sw_(_at_)_gegenunendlich_(_dot_)_de> wrote:
>>I just replaced an old mainboard with a new one with a VIA KT400A
>>chipset. Is it possible to get DRI working with that? It used to work
>>with the old board (different chipset), but I had to turn off DRI in my
>>X configuration for the new one, as it made X/the system freeze/hang
>>The full output of dmesg can be found at [1], the output of 'pciconf -l'
>>at [2]. If more info is needed, just tell me.
>>[1]: http://www.gegenunendlich.de/stuff/kyuzo/dmesg_kyuzo
>>[2]: http://www.gegenunendlich.de/stuff/kyuzo/pciconf_kyuzo
>Well after looking at it, I really can't thing of any reason DRI would not
>work based on dmesg... it finds the agp and the drm, so as long as X is setup
>right, it should work. What I would be suspect of is X config. Not sure why, but
>if I set the agp speed higher than 2x, it would freeze, after I used opengl for
>a bit. I would try messing with the options for that card in the X config and
>see if any of those are suspect.
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You should try loading agp and the radeon driver before booting if it is 
not compiled in the kernel.  From the looks of dmesg it should work.  
The handbook has the details.