• Using a USB scanner with SANE (via libusb on -current), Alexander Leidinger
  • Hauppauge PVR-250 / 350 Driver, Steve O'Hara-Smith
  • does FreeBSD 3.5.1 support soundcards?, Karl Papadantonakis
  • A pcm driver for Event/Echo Layla sound interface, Michael Nottebrock
  • FreeBSD 4.9 Hauppauge PVR-250 / 350 Driver Patch, John Wehle
  • mplayer -tv with bsdbt848, Espen Jervidalo
  • Testers needed: mplayer+bt848, Thomas E. Zander
  • ffmpeg-0.4.8_1 and bktr capture (FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE-p11), Fernando Durango
  • Error when trying to use BKTR, Ulrik F. Thyve
  • Problem with snd_ich and vchans, Michael Nottebrock
  • Vibra 128, Michael Nottebrock
  • Hauppauge WinTV bktr-- no audio., Patrick Hajek
  • TEST please - ffmpeg and nuppelvideo patches for moved header files, Steve O'Hara-Smith
  • usb digital voice recorder, bruno schwander
  • Terratec DMX 6Fire, Mike Crosland
  • Logitech 300 USB Headset crashes FreeBSD-STABLE, mikeobrien_(_at_)_spamcop_(_dot_)_net
  • Intel 852/855 GM working with DRI on FreeBSD?, Martin Cracauer
  • The latest WINE and /dev/mixer*, Travis Poppe
  • AC'97 Audio CODEC (oboard ECS K7VMM+) / multiple simultaneous record streams, Arne Wörner
  • Optasia: SEASONS GREETING, root
  • Recording RTT and RTO values, Tanmay Ganacharya
  • webcams, Anton Alin-Adrian
  • Finding RTT's and RTO's, Tanmay Ganacharya
  • dvd burning on -current?, Alfred Perlstein
  • usb drive/voice recorder. Help to get running..., bruno schwander
  • Problem converting avi-->mpeg2-->svcd, Randy Pratt

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