• Help sought for new nvtv (NVidia TV-Out) port (was: ? getopt_long(), iopl() and ioperm() ?), Peter Cornelius
  • Ogle Sound Problems, Thad Schulz
  • multimedia/avifile won't compile, stopping builds of x11/gnome2, Paul Seniura
  • soundcard issue in fbsd 4.9stable, Mr. X
  • Kmid on Freebsd 4.9 Couldn't open /dev/sequencer errors, doug cooper
  • DJ mixing software, Martin Váňa
  • bktr / pinnacle pctv rave / does not show tv images, Arne Wörner
  • Which FreeBSD Version for Video Capture/Playback?, Brian Skrab
  • HEADSUP: Soekris and generic LED/lamp support in FreeBSD-current, Alfred Perlstein
  • fetching/playing radio audio, Kenneth W Cochran
  • ogm files, Jason
  • Call for testers: multimedia/nxtvepg, Simon Barner
  • sound recording questions, epilogue_(_at_)_attcanada_(_dot_)_ca
  • digital-out on sb live??, Volker Stolz
  • Where to adjust volume for the emu10k, Anish Mistry
  • ports committer wanted: multimedia/freevo (ports/59047), Lars Eggert
  • Foobar2000, Martin Váňa
  • ffmpeg deinterlace broken?, Anish Mistry
  • vcdimager and "bad packet", Randy Pratt
  • mpg2 Timecode problem, Simon Kainz
  • A pcm driver for Event/Echo Layla sound interface, Thomas
  • Hauppauge PVR-250 / 350 Driver, John Wehle

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