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FreeBSD5.0 Mozilla1.1, XFree86-4 , and JRE1.4.01

On Monday, May 26, 2003 7:25 AM 
Pete Collins [mailto:pete_(_at_)_mozdev_(_dot_)_org] said:

	>Using the right VM is a PITA.

forgive my newbieness what is a PITA?

	>It depends what compiler you used to compile Mozilla.

	> Take a look at these docs.

	  > http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/whichjava.html
	  > http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/javalinux.html

Thanks Pete,

I'll look at these docs today. FreeBSD uses a /usr/ports/ system that in my opinion is better than an RPM. The RPM system is what got me to try linux, so I think highly of both. 

When I compile the program I "cd /usr/ports/www/mozilla/" then I type "make install clean" and the ports system downloads the appropriate sources and the dependants and installs everything where it needs to on my FreeBSD architecture. #1 drawback...I got no clue what is used to compile these. #2 I owe all my FreeBSD knowledge to some midnight developer who spent weeks configuring a download system so numbskulls like me wouldn't have to know where everything goes. I owe those guys everything. 

I know there are a few differences with BSD and Linux. My install asked me if I wanted Linux compatability. Unfortunately I said no. Looks like I will be reloading my OS tonight. 

hmmm reloading my entire OS because I cannot get a Java Runtime Enviroment working seems morally wrong somehow.


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