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Re: RFC: PCI SD host controller driver & mmc/mmcsd modules improvements

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            "Jacques Fourie" <jacques_(_dot_)_fourie_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com> writes:
: > Alexander Motin wrote:
: >>
: >> I would like to present initial revision of my generic PCI SD Host
: >> Controller driver (sdhci). It support PCI devices with class 8 and subclass
: >> 5 according to SD Host Controller Specification.
: >> Latest patches against 8-CURRENT (mostly fit 7-STABLE) may be found at:
: >> http://people.freebsd.org/~mav/sdhci/
: >
: > For those who are not tracking actively, I would like to report that most of
: > original driver's child illnesses are now healed.
: >
: > Driver now supports both PIO and DMA modes. Because of some special tunings
: > DMA works fine even on almost broken ENE chips. I am reaching 15MB/s
: > transfer (maximum for my controller's bus) with only about 1% of CPU load.
: > Implemented 4 bits bus width and high speed timing modes support for high
: > data rates up to 52MHz. Cards hot insertion/removing is now working.
: > Together with in-tree mmc/mmcsd drivers improvements most of card types (SD,
: > SDHC, standard and high capacity MMC) are now supported.
: >
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: > Alexander Motin
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: >
: The device in my HP nw8240 notebook is a Texas Instruments 7621. This
: device is a multi-function PCI device with a CardBus, firewire, Flash
: Media and SD controller. The only way that I could get this driver to
: work for me is to disable SD card detection on the Flash Media
: controller, which is function 3 :
: pcitweak -w 02:06:03 -b 0x4c 0x02

I have patches to mav's sdhci driver to do this.  However, I can't get
the driver to work.  It detects the cards are inserted, but then all
commands that require a response from the card fail.

How many slots does your controller report?  Which one is sd?

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