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Re: Can't update system.. very strange!

Miquel Guillamet writes:
> Hello,

> I'm new to FreeBSD! I was using Arch Linux for long time, which is very
> nice. Well.. here is the situation, I've installed the 7.0 release (amd64)
> to my MacBook C2D 3,1 Santa Rosa and everything was going nicely and
> smoothly but I had to install the ethernet driver the Yukon/Yukon II
> Ethernet Adapter from Marvell because the system didn't recognize it and
> here is when the big problem came. I been following all the instructions
> from the install file:

> kldload if_myk
> ifconfig myk0 up
> dhclient myk0

> Then I did some pings to www.google.com and no problem so I wanted to update
> the system using pkg_add -rv <packet> but no way to get connected to the
> ftp. It says after a 1 minute or so, time out connection. Dns lookups are
> working but no ssh,ftp,telnet,http.. What is going on? I did a fresh install
> and I didn't touch anything on rc.conf. ipv6 is off, firewall is off. After
> googling for a solution I found that the problem could come from the adsl
> router that hasn't any "Domain name" on the PPPoE settings and FreeBSD seems
> to take care about this thing (no problem on macosx or linux). Using
> dhclient command, the output was:

> Bogus domain search list 15: domain_not_set.invalid.

> So I changed the settings on my Linksys ADSL2 Gateway (no firewall enabled)
> but nothing, even with the domain name set, no internet only pings allowed.
> Then I tried to use static ip but nothing, same problem. I really don't know
> what to do next or where to look. Any idea?

Can you paste the output of following commands here ?

% netstat -rn
% cat /etc/resolv.conf
% fetch http://www.freebsd.org/

It seems something is messed up with your DNS or default route or maybe
your router's firewall.

Ashish Shukla
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