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Re: RFC: PCI SD host controller driver & mmc/mmcsd modules improvements

Henry Hu wrote:
I've tried your driver, and it worked fine at my laptop.
I have a Samsung R70, with built-in SD card reader(in fact, it can
read many cards, and there are 4 unknown devices related to it).The
transfer speed with dd bs=512 is almost 800KB/s, which I think is
fairly fast.

bs=512 is a quite ineffective for any modern storage. With bigger bs you should get much bigger performance I think.

I'm testing it with a transcend 2G mini SD card, with SD-miniSD adapter.
I'm using 7-STABLE, so I changed kproc_create to kthread_create to
compile the mmcsd module.
There are errors, but the transfer completed normally.
sdhci0-slot0: Card inserted
mmc0: <MMC/SD bus> on sdhci0
sdhci0-slot0: Command error 1 (opcode 8 arg 426 flags 101 dlen 0 dflags 0)
sdhci0-slot0: Command error 1 (opcode 8 arg 426 flags 101 dlen 0 dflags 0)

This is not a problem. It means that your card does not support SDHC CMD8 command as it is not an SDHC actually.

mmcsd0: 1950MB <SD Memory Card> at mmc0 16MHz/4bit

It means that top performance of this card on this controller is about 8MB/s. I expect that you may reach it on read operations if your card is not very old.

Alexander Motin
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