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Fujitsu LifeBook T1010

New question: which WiFi chipset is better supported in FreeBSD, Atheros
XSPAN or Intel® WiFi Link 5100 AGN? What kind of witch's brew is required
to make them work?

Thanks for the replies to my question about installing from a USB drive.
Sounds like something to avoid for the time being. While considering
alternatives I realized that a larger screen would be better suited for
this system's primary mission, as a demo and teaching system. I had been
looking at a Fujitsu P1620, no optical drive, 8.9 in. screen, 2.2 lbs. Now
I am considering the T1010, built-in optical, 13.3 in. screen, 5.3 lbs.
This one will not go with me on my bike, but I have a Newton MP2100 for that.

More info at 

Gary Dunn
Open Slate Project 

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