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FT FreeBSD sys admin job available in Boulder/Denver

Core Business Solutions is a small, rapidly growing 3-year old business 
specializing in web-based document management services.  We are currently 
seeking a full-time Systems Administrator for our highly redundant, 
multi-site network architecture.

This is a telecommuting position, so you must be set up to work from home. 
You must also be disciplined enough to work from home, as most of your 
contact with co-workers will be via email, Instant Message, and phone 
calls. You must live in the Denver Metro Area and have your own reliable 
transportation as you will sometimes need to physically visit the servers 
at the co-location facilities?possibly in the middle of the night for 
emergencies.  In addition, this position will require occasional evening 
and weekend hours for scheduled system maintenance duties. To qualify for 
this position, you must have experience with BSD UNIX, and experience with 
FreeBSD in particular is preferred.

This person will be responsible for planning, implementing and maintaining 
a highly redundant, multi-site network.  This includes experience with 
installing, and configuring enterprise-class server hardware, installing 
new software releases and system upgrades, evaluating and installing 
patches and resolving software and security related problems. This person 
will maintain system backups and data files and monitor system 
configuration to ensure data integrity.

A successful candidate will rely on own experience and judgment to plan and 
accomplish goals and work creatively under limited supervision.  This 
position may regularly require evenings, weekends, and holidays for system 
maintenance and to respond to emergencies.

Minimum 5 years in Systems Administration experience in a BSD UNIX 
Highly skilled in FreeBSD, OpenSSL, DNS, Apache/MySQL configuration 
optimization, highly redundant system network architectures, network 
administration, including network security.  Specifics:  HTTP, SSL, SSH, 
Setting up and maintainting ipfw or pf firewalls.
Strong Perl and shell scripting skills.
Experience with DNS and BIND.
Skilled in problem solving, oral and written communications, teamwork and 
Hardware experience with x86 hardware, including board swaps, hardware 
troubleshooting, and anti-static procedures.
Must be able to handle multiple projects concurrently and be procedural and 
Must be highly motivated and work well independently.


Direct experience with FreeBSD system administration.
Experience administering installations of Apache, PHP, mySQL, and OpenSSL, 
and SSH transactions.
Experience with building and maintaining redundant networks .
Knowledge of php and/or SQL programming.
Experience with software test applications and/or testing development..
Direct experience in building and maintaining redundant networks.

Benefits are available.  Email resumes to:  jobs_(_at_)_thecoresolution_(_dot_)_com_(_dot_)_ 
Please visit our website at www.thecoresolution.com.  No phone calls.