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jboss4ctl run parameter extension

hello all,

i want to extend the jboss4 ctl for add additional run parameters like
--host / -Djboss.bind.address= 

additional params in /etc/rc.conf

jboss4_run="-Djboss.bind.address=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX and more...."
jboss4_flags=" not possible to add bind here, it will not be recognized"

this run params will be directly given to them org.jboss.Main
-Djboss.bind.address=   -c default

(the config is the same but only very specific)

base problem was, to run jboss4 inside of jail and bind to a specific
preventing the problem jndi calls / invoker calls for rmi

a second thing would be the change of the JAVA_VERSION in the build file
to 1.5+ 

i have already done it and it's working but what now ?
changed files are /usr/ports/java/jboss4/files/daemonctrl.c.in

br horst

PS: i think same problem will be in jboss5ctl

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