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JDK 1.5.0 patchset 9 "Siegfried"

On behalf of the BSD Java Porting team, I'm pleased to announce the
availability of patchset 9 "Siegfried" for JDK 1.5, based on the
JDK 1.5.0 Update 16 JRL source code.

This patchset includes bug fixes and updates the code base to use
the 1.5.0 Update 16 source code.

The following platforms are supported by this release:

        FreeBSD 4.8/i386 (or later)
        FreeBSD 5.3/i386 (or later)
        FreeBSD 5.3/amd64 (or later)
        NetBSD 2.0/i386 (or later)
        NetBSD 2.0/amd64 (or later)
        OpenBSD 3.9/i386 (or later)
        OpenBSD 4.0/amd64 (or later)

The patchset can be downloaded at:


An update for the java/jdk15 port will follow shortly.

This is likely to be the last patchset released for JDK 1.5.

Greg Lewis                          Email   : glewis_(_at_)_eyesbeyond_(_dot_)_com
Eyes Beyond                         Web     : http://www.eyesbeyond.com
Information Technology              FreeBSD : glewis_(_at_)_FreeBSD_(_dot_)_org
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