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Re: FreeBSD +NFS + mail services

Oliver Brandmueller writes:

Look at the sysctl vfs.nfs ->
vfs.nfs.iodmin: 4
vfs.nfs.iodmax: 20

Great thanks.

In FreeBSD 6 you'll also find:

vfs.nfs.iodmaxidle: 120

Should be pretty self explanatory.

Tried to search for the meaning of that parameter. Could not find much info. Care to share some light on it?

benchmarks in your test area or before going to production. And while
being in prod you could take the chance to make performance monitoring
on all the machines and carefully change different variables

How do you monitor performance on nfs.. other than nfsstat? would be usefull if vmstat included nfs mounts..

I just migrated our NFS server(s) from 5.4 to 6.0 - our clients are mainly still 5-STABLE, only few 6-STABLE clients. I saw a few NFS locking problems (lockd starting to spin) with the server while it was still RELENG_5, especially after stating with RELENG_6 clients. This was clearly load dependant (started usually on busy days when the backup was running into daytime). I haven't seen this yet with RELENG_6 servers, but the migration was just one week ago and the backup scheme had been changed also to avoid the problem, so I'm not completely sure here.

So, basically on the little time you have had 6 your impression is that 6's NFS server code performs better? _______________________________________________
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