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Re: [Asterisk-bsd] Asterisk ports

I would agree that bristuff shouldn't be in the main port however the main port was sponsored by a company that wanted it.
I'm installing your port at the moment, I'll let you know how it goes...
On 25 Apr 2006, at 10:58, Thomas Sandford wrote:

"Cian Hughes" <cianlists_(_at_)_cian_(_dot_)_ws> wrote:
I'm just wondering when we should expect an updated port of asterisk on FreeBSD, the current is still at 1.2.4

If you are not fussed about the bristuff patches, you can use my updated version of the port at


[actually IMHO the bristuff should _not_ be in the official port, or at least should be a separate port,
precisely because it doesn't seem to track the official releases, and so holds FreeBSD back to an
old version of Asterisk].

[sobomax - feel free to lift all or any of this version to include in the official port]
Thomas Sandford

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