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Re: New ISDN driver

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
Well, doesn't "i4l_" indicate that this came from "ISDN4LINUX" ?

If you "cat" all the files in "/sys/i4b" and search for the word "linux" or "Linux" you will get some hits.

So I suspect that some parts of the drivers in "/sys/i4b/layer1" are
derivatives of Linux. And I have got some hints about that too. So maybe we
should just drop support for some hardware, and stick with the chip-drivers I
have written from scratch ? Else we might end up getting a bad rumor about
stealing code from Linux.

The occurance of [Ll]inux or l_* doesnt imply that these files are from linux. /sys/compat/linux/* files are stuffed with these letters. Usually they are for compatibility reasons. So its not reasonable to suspect any I4B files to be linux tainted.

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