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Re: New ISDN driver

Michael Reifenberger dixit:

> So now we have stock I4B, your I4B and C4B.
> Has there been any effords to merge the whole lot (at least) into -current?

Speaking for the MirOS Project:

Currently, we have ISDN support from NetBSD(R) from about
one year ago; it was sort of a one-time porting effort,
and neither are there clean diffs, nor is it upgradable.

I am looking for an ISDN driver code base which we can use,
where we have an upgrade path (i.e. which is not maintained
as part of FreeBSD only), and where interest to keep some
#ifdef __MirBSD__ exists. I'd prefer using 'cvs import' and
vendor branches to keep track of it, so either a separate
ISDN for bsd project, or a codebase which is merged into
either FreeBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly BSD or MirBSD (I don't
care which), but with all the ifdef's still in it, is needed.

I'd also like to not lose support for older cards, for
example old ISA Fritz and Teles cards.

Does this sound doable? I am not very experienced in kernel
coding, but if it works under NetBSD(R) I should be able
to port it to MirBSD (callout -> timeout, etc.) and ifdef
the whole system dependency stuff out.

For these who have never heard about MirBSD: it's a derivate
of OpenBSD developed by the MirOS project; at the moment our
kernel is most similar to the OpenBSD kernel of May 2004,
but with a fair amount of changes (although most work is been
done in userland and ports framework).

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