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default MSN

Hi Juha-Matti,

Juha-Matti Liukkonen wrote:
> Hi,
> giving MSN 0 via local-phone-dialout makes at least the AVM CAPI 
> adapters (B1 BRI, T1 PRI) default properly when CONNECT_REQ is sent
> (the callee sees the base number of the interface's number space with
> PRI, or the primary number with BRI).
> This behaviour is _not_ defined in the CAPI 2.0 specification, though
>  (Calling Party Number struct, p.81, and CONNECT_REQ, p.27, in 
> COMMON-ISDN-API Version 2.0, Part I, 4th Edition), and may thus be
> only an AVM feature. Definitely worth a check if/when other
> manufacturers' CAPI adapters become supported.

Are You sure this is a "feature" of the AVM controllers? I would
suspect, the connected PBX (or switch) looks at sender number, decides
that it does not fit into the allowed numbers and substitutes it with
the base number of the line.

Other PBXs may behave differently and reject a call with an invalid
sender number.



Thomas Wintergerst

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