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default MSN

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 08:49:45PM +0300, Juha-Matti Liukkonen wrote:
> Hi,
> giving MSN 0 via local-phone-dialout makes at least the AVM CAPI 
> adapters (B1 BRI, T1 PRI) default properly when CONNECT_REQ is sent 
> (the callee sees the base number of the interface's number space with 
> PRI, or the primary number with BRI).
Ahaa!  So capi already does it, this i didn't know.

> This behaviour is _not_ defined in the CAPI 2.0 specification, though 
> (Calling Party Number struct, p.81, and CONNECT_REQ, p.27, in 
> COMMON-ISDN-API Version 2.0, Part I, 4th Edition), and may thus be only 
> an AVM feature. Definitely worth a check if/when other manufacturers' 
> CAPI adapters become supported.
 I guess it comes from Linux, there the passive drivers (hisax)
do this too (which is where i looked).

 Does the capi spec require a Calling Party Number be sent, or can
it also be empty?

> Br,
> Jussi

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