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Low-Profile Company With High Profit Potential [HOT NEWS WEEK STARTING MONDAY it is] hobbles legality

                         GAPJ- GOLDEN APPLE OIL/GAS

   This weeks Pick, Company already has solid potential

   Current Price: $ 0.50
   5 Day Projected : $ 1.50

   Golden Apple Oil and Gas, Inc. and Franklin Ross Securities Complete
   Private Placement
   Golden Apple Oil and Gas, Inc. (GAPJ - News) is pleased to announce it
   has completed the initial private placement with Franklin Ross
   Securities of New Jersey.
   The terms of the deal provide for Franklin Ross to purchase 181,818
   shares of Golden Apple Oil and Gas, Inc. restricted stock priced at
   .10 per share.
   The company is currently negotiating with several investor groups for
   the next phase of financing.
   Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Golden Apple is an independent oil
   and gas producer with a focus on North and South American properties.
   The Company applies advanced technologies to systematically explore
   and develop its oil and natural gas opportunities. Golden Apple
   focuses its activities where technology can be used effectively to
   maximize returns on invested capital by reducing drilling risk and
   enhancing its ability to cost-effectively grow reserves and production
   Golden Apple Oil and Gas, Inc has opened a Canadian office in Toronto,
   Ontario to facilitate the management of its Canadian operations. All
   correspondence and communication will continue to be serviced by the
   company's head office staff in Phoenix Arizona.
   This looks very lucrative in coming weeks, 

   Get GAPJ First Thing Monday

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