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New TLD mirror site

Hi Eberhard,

Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote on Fri, Jul 23, 2004 at 02:10:04AM +0200:
> > > We'll make the decision in about a week.  Thanks.
> > 
> > Well, I am sure ftp.gwdg.de is an "excellent site" within your stated
> > aspects, but from a "german" view, ftp.gwdg.de (Daniel Lang) 
> I am very sorry. Must read ftp.leo.de (Daniel Lang)
> > should qualify before ftp.gwdg.de because his server is running FreeBSD. 
> > Iam running Linux "only" in the sense of some participants here.. ;-))

Thanks, Eberhard. Unfortunately ftp.leo.org has suffered severe
instabilities in the period from mid-June to mid-July. The
issues have been resolved now and we are stable for over a week,
but I still need to run ftp.leo.org with WITNESS and INVARIANTS
enabled, resulting in a severe performance loss. I expect to be
able to remove these options soon, but I guess Kenneth should
be aware of that.
Our FreeBSD mirror is up to date, though.

Further, ftp.gwdg.de is a bigger machine, with at least an equal
good connection.

So it's up to the mirror coordinator.

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