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Re: Intel DP45SG motherboard problem (amd64)

On Thursday 04 June 2009 7:48:53 am Andrew Kochetkov wrote:
> Hello all.
> I have a problem with Intel LGA775 DP45SG Intel P45/ICH10R motherboard 
> on FreeBSD/amd64. Any devices (keyboard, sata, net) don't work after 
> kernel loading. It works for i386 (expect for keyboard: first pressed 
> key "sticks").
> FreeBSD versions that i tried are: 7.0-RELEASE, 7.2-RELEASE, 8.0-CURRENT
> There was no difference with/without ACPI.
> I connect serial console, boot -v and I'm seeing FreeBSD complaining 
> about inability to allocate interrupts for devices, like the log below:

Try 'device mptable'.  Also, do you have an i386 dmesg?

John Baldwin
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