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HP NC7170 Dual Port PCI-X 1000T Gigabit Server Adapter

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, KC Somaratne wrote:

> Hi,
> Is there going to be any support for the above HP EtherNet
> card in FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE?
> Most of the HP cards listed in the hardware notes for this
> relase seem to be end-of-life by HP..!


Well, IIRC the 7170 is a dual-Port Intel-GigE-card, should be supported 
by the em(4) driver.

I had some time ago the opportunity to play a short time with a Sun 
V65x, with 2 of those cards (I think because Sun could/would not supply 
us with additional NICs we bought 7170 from a HP supplier) equipped, and 
FBSD 5.2.1 worked.

Are you just curious if they will work in a machnine that you want to 
buy, or do you have real trouble in an existing setup?


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