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Hang while loading 5.3 kernel

Hi all,

I've been using FBSD 5.2.1 since it was released, and today i decided to
upgrade it to 5.3

I've downloaded all the sources and make buildworld, buildkernel ,
etc... and everything compiled OK.

The problem was when i restarted the machine. I get a lot of
[GIANT-LOCKED] messages on the screen and then is just hangs after
showing this message :

cpu0 on motherboard

Tried booting from CD and the same thing happens with the Generic kernel.
Tried booting with ACPI and without ACPI , tried disabling the fdc after
reading some posts, all without success

I have an AMD 1300 Processor that was working fine with 5.2.1
Can this be a hardware problem ?

Any hints ???

It's my desktop machine at work, i really need to get it back to work ASAP.

Carlos Santos

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