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Re: find -lname and -ilname implemented

On Sat, 23 Feb 2008, Mike Meyer wrote:

The problem with this argument is that there are no limits on it, other than the developers definition of "trivial". OS X has already carried this argument to the point that they've replaced /bin/sh with bash.

i've seen that on linux, that /bin/sh is a symlink to /bin/bash and IMHO that's just wrong.

otherwise, i think there's nothing wrong with adding functionality to 'find', as long as it doesn't break anything. a bash script that starts with '#!/bin/sh' is begging to break things (i filed a kde bug report about that; there was a bash-centric script that didn't work with sh), i can't think of a case that added functionality to find would break anything.

i'm especially in favor of adding "unnecessary" functionality since i've recently been working on some core-install solaris boxes... the find function doesn't support 'maxdepth', the grep has no '-A', '-B' or '-C' options... i could go on, but the security requirements don't allow us to install gnu-find, gnu-grep, etc... if it doesn't break anything and it increases compatibility, i can't think of any reason to fight it.

you seem opposed to the changes to find, but haven't cited any cases where the added functionality would be a problem. if we were to draw two columns on a piece of paper and label the columns "pro" and "con", then list consequences of the added functionality to find, we'd come up with a few things for the "pro" column... but you haven't really convinced me that anything needs to be added to the "con" column, except that you think it's not needed.


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