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Re: Menus missing stuff, how to fix?

On Thu, 2005-04-07 at 09:50 -0700, Scott I. Remick wrote:
> Shortly before I upgraded Gnome, my Applications menu got corrupted and
> stopped working. Clicking on it would just produce a tiny box beneath it
> with no contents. After upgrading Gnome at first it seemed like the menu was
> working again but now I realize (yeah I don't use the menu often) that a lot
> of standard things are missing. For example, my Accessories menu only
> contains 8 items and is missing stuff like the Themes option.
> Is there an easy way to straighten this out? My first choice would be a way
> to merge the "standard" stuff back in with what's there now. A
> less-than-ideal but workable 2nd choice would be a way to reset it entirely
> to the default and I add my custom stuff back in on my own.

There was historically no easy way to fix menus.  In GNOME 2.10, all of
the per-user menu preferences are stored under ~/.config.  Deleting that
directory should get you default menus back.  Additional launchers
entries are stored in ~/.local/share.


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