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Re: Use sudo for authentication for "Administration" items

On Thu, 2005-04-07 at 17:39 +0100, Adam McMaster wrote:
> I use sudo instead of su to execute commands as root, and have the root 
> account locked (so there is no password for it which can be entered 
> when prompted by Gnome).  This means I can not use anything under the 
> "Administration" menu in Gnome.
> Is there anything I can do to make Gnome to use sudo for authentication 
> for the things in that menu?  Or do I have to resort to patching / 
> recompiling some component of Gnome?
> (Make sure replies to the list are CC'd to me, as I'm not subscribed.)
> --
> - Adam McMaster <adam_(_at_)_moosoft_(_dot_)_net>

Not sure what you could do other than editing the relevant panel menu
entries but that doesn't take care of everything.  You might bring the
idea to the libgnomesu developers.  I use sudo too but don't lock down
the root account as far as you.  I would love a "Run As" option in the
right+click menu for panel menu entries based on my sudoers file.  For
example, I can run ethereal with root privleges through sudo, having
Gnome pick that up and be able to select "Run As: root" would be

Been a while since I've used Linux but I don't recall it's usage being
much of an emphasis there.  Perhaps Gnome developers just haven't
thought about adding sudo support?  Makes great sense though.  Ask/prod
them.  :)



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