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It appears I was mistaken (re: lockups)

On Sun, 2004-07-18 at 16:08, Conrad J. Sabatier wrote:
> If another list would be more appropriate for this topic, please feel
> free to redirect.
> I had posted several weeks ago about constant hard lockups of my amd64
> box.  At first, I attributed the problem to GNOME, then to my kernel
> config, but now it appears to me that the problem really lies with
> Mozilla/Firefox.
> I'm currently using the xfce4 desktop, and have experimented with other
> setups, including plain vanilla twm, vtwm, sawfish, ...  Xorg is the
> base for all.
> In all scenarios, Mozilla and Firefox invariably lock up the machine. 
> Dead, cold, hard.  Powering off the machine is the only way out.
> I've rebuilt libraries, all port dependencies, as well as Mozilla and
> Firefox themselves, so many times I've lost count now, but invariably
> with the same results.  Each browser will run OK for a few minutes,
> then the whole machine goes south.
> Is anyone else experiencing anything like this?  On the amd64 platform
> or any other?  Any solution?

>From looking at your earlier post you are 5.2-CURRENT.  How recent was
your last -CURRENT update?  Expect lockups right now due to the
scheduler changes that have been made recently.  

I have an i386 machine and Firefox can kill my box lately on occasion
too...  As does compiling, using amule, using totem, running portsdb,
and many other programs.  Heck, even logging in and firing up evolution,
xchat, and gaim simultaneously have locked my machine.  All of these
don't crash my machine 100% of the time but still often enough.

> I'm currently avoiding using either browser like the plague, resorting
> to Konqueror mainly for the time being.  But I would, of course, like
> to find a resolution to this problem.
> Debugging is practically impossible, as no information is left behind
> anywhere after this happens.  I'm totally at a loss as to how to
> proceed.


I haven't gotten this to work myself but I really haven't tried much
with it.


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