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gimp and mng

I'm using gimp 1.3.14 (graphics/gimp-devel) and libmng 1.0.5 (graphics/libmng) on FreeBSD.  I
modified the FreeBSD libmng port to use autoconf because the standard FreeBSD libmng port does
not, and that disables the ability to save mng files.  After I reinstalled libmng gimp was able to
find it.

checking for mng_create in -lmng... yes
checking libmng.h usability... yes
checking libmng.h presence... yes
checking for libmng.h... yes

After I recompiled gimp I get an error when I try and save to mng.

 ** (mng:85226): WARNING **: Unable to mng_putchunk_time() in mng_save_image()

Has anyone else seen this error?  Is 1.0.5 the version of libmng that works with gimp?

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