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gnomepilot2 gpilotd

Is there any trick to making gnomepilot2 work?  I just did a
pkg_deinstall -f gnomepilot and then built gnomepilot2 from the
port.  I can't figure out who's supposed to start gpilotd.  Any hints there?
I did start it manually and got the druid to run, but then it exited
before it could sense the user name and ID from the Palm.  I kept
restarting gpilotd and pressed on with the druid and eventually got it
finished, but with the GCOS user name and UID instead of anything read
from the Palm.  I don't want to clobber what I have in there so I
deleted that Palm but am unable to add a new one.  Every time I hit
"Get from pilot" in the applet, it just times out.  I'm stuck.

Is there any way I can nuke the half-baked Pilot config I have now and
start over?  All advice appreciated.



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