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port update: net/gnugadu

On 06 Apr 2003 15:35:43 -0400, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote

> On Sun, 2003-04-06 at 13:55, Piero wrote:

> > 

> > And please don't shot me right away if that's just a pitty.


> Okay, a few things.


> * USE_GNOME: gtk12 implies glib12 (you don't need both)

OK, thanks.


> * USE_GTK: this is obsolete, do not include this (the 

> updated GNOME porting guide should say this [hint, hint ;-)

> ])

I know, I know, this port is indeed a practical excercise to 

understand what I have already read in the porter's handbook.

> * HAVE_GNOME:Mesound: (Actually, I've been told by one of 

> the KDE people they like esound better than aRts) All dots 

> in the conditionals should be left justified.  Feel free 

> to then indent the if, else, etc.  Look at bsd.gnome.mk 

> for an example.

I was looking for information and examples there, and the quote 

below was the first I found, so I modeled the Makefile according 

to it.

# The logic of this section is like this:


# .if defined(WANT_GNOME) && !defined(WITHOUT_GNOME)

#   .for foo in ALL_GNOME_COMPONENTS

#     .if defined(WITH_GNOME)

#       HAVE_GNOME += foo

#     .elif (foo installed)

#       HAVE_GNOME += foo

#     .else

#       Print option message

#     .endif

#   .endfor

# .endif

Now I see, that below it all the uncommented stuff has justified 

dots. Maybe this also should have, though it probably would look 

less legible here with the dots justified to the hashes, but this 

is what inspirated me, and I might not be the only one.

> * HAVE_GNOME:Mlibpanel: You might want to consider 

> modifying the PKGNAMESUFFIX here, too.  Take a ride back 

> in net/gaim's CVS for an example

I will take a look.


> * defined(WITH_GNOME): USE_GNOME=yes is obsolete.  Never 

> use this.  You should roll this section up under the 

> libpanel thing.  Once you have libpanel, you have just 

> about everything that's GNOME anyway.  That is, you have 

> the GNOME 1 desktop

The thing is, you can with no problem use the port without Gnome1

installed, I was using it for a while on Fluxbox and now I use it 

on Gnome2. So I wouldn't like to depend this all on the libpanel.

> * port-patch: Don't use Perl here.  You want to define

> USE_REINPLACE=yes, then use ${REINPLACE_CMD} to do your regexp

> substitutions

I was considering it. I kept this, as it was in the old version. 

Yeah, I know perl is being kicked out of the base system. I will

also verify whether this patches are still needed.


> * post-install: ${INSTALL_PROGRAM} usually takes care of stripping

> binaries for you. 

It also was preserved from the old version. I just wanted to ensure

that my suspicions were right. I will kick it away.

Thanks for all advices,




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